The Interview for Yedek Parça Dergisi (Spare Parts Magazine) with Our Board Member Mr. Emir ARTAR

The Interview for Yedek Parça Dergisi (Spare Parts Magazine) with Our Board Member Mr. Emir ARTAR

We try to touch the individual rather than generalize our customers!

We had a pleasant conversation with ART Board Member Emir ARTAR about ART's advanced CRM management approach and had the opportunity to get to know ART a little more closely. We thank Mr. ARTAR for his sincere answers.

Hello Mr. Artar, first of all, let's get to know you, what is your responsibility in ART and which duty do you perform?

Hi I am a Board Member and Marketing Director of ART and I am trying to improve ART's brand value and make it more known and I am trying to reflect the corporate understanding of our company to this task.

Well, thank you Mr. Artar, what is CRM? Can you explain?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is something that every company that has been engaged in trade in the past has actually applied from the past to the present day, in other words, ’customer relationship management in Turkish. Even though the old commercial traditions are still valid today, they have undergone certain changes in practice. As a result, we understand that our customers are valuable to us in our commercial genetics and we are familiar with this issue both as a country and as a sector.

What has changed in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from past to present?

The research implications of this, he says, rather than having to define the mass based on generalizations, have the opportunity to analyze each customer or group individually. In other words, since 60% of the society loved sedan cars, the definition of ""Turkish people love sedans"" can now be deepened as’ 80% of Ankara people over 40 love sedans ”. This is not enough, ""Ahmet in Ankara loves sedan,"" he goes down to the individual base. One-to-one marketing is done to the audience with its technical expression. The aim is to look at 60% and not to ignore the other 40%. Take the opportunity there. In other words, this system, which has existed in the past, is now more detailed and exact.

What is ART CRM (Customer Relationship Management) about?

I can say that ART is in a very developed place on the subject of company ethics because the impression that ART has left in this direction can be understood from the impression left by our chairman and founder Bekir Artar in the sector. Art is a company that always looks at the customer with the eye ek ek if we are going to eat a bread we will eat together! '.

This mentality means that we generally win together, so I can say that our mutual respect with our customers is at a very high level. How do you do this as ART?

We are usually a company that establishes a friendly relationship as well as business relations. The companies we work with already know this in general and I am sure that our new customers will recognize us like this in time. We are in constant contact with our customers, our sales team is always in dialogue with each customer and is always about a phone call away. We always try to go down to the individual rather than generalize our customers. We take care of everyone's needs and desires one by one. In this context, we make a visit to every dealer in Istanbul every week. Once a month across the entire visit Turkey once we strive to achieve our dealers. In addition to this, our Chairman Bekir ARTAR conducts his visits in dialogue with our customers and throughout Turkey. At the beginning of each week, we forward our e-mail system to our dealers regarding our weekly agenda and corporate developments. In addition, in addition to these practices, in line with our corporate understanding, we will appoint ve Area Supervisors and send monthly surveys to our customers.

What will be the duty of the Area Supervisor?

Area Supervisor will be an application that we will do in order to increase the quality of service our customers receive from us. In this way, the impression left by our sales officers, the quality of our products, the quality of our services will be a study that we will supervise. An application that will generally improve the repustation and I think it will be beneficial to both parties. As a result, we will both criticize our own company in here and try to improve the quality we give to our customers. You've always talked about your big wholesalers and big customers, but how do you observe the opinions of end-users who use your products? Of course, we do not have much more than one-to-one dialogue on this subject, but because we have a corporate understanding and strive to achieve flawlessness in this way, our customers who use our products are able to reach us whenever they wish through social media or the communication section of our website, and they can reach us via message at any time. can also send an e-mail to [email protected] In addition, they can contact us on our company phone. So far we are already behind every product we sell, we introduce each new product before the sale and show our samples to all our customers, so far we have not compromised our quality understanding and received no complaints. We did not receive any complaints from our attitude after sales because we always pursue after-sales satisfaction and try not to lack any service.

Now we know that you have added many new reference products to your product range.

Yes, we have now added nearly 2500-3000 new products to our product range, both as a mirror type and as a group of doors and bumpers. As a necessity of this vision and developments, we have invested in a B2B order program and will be available to our customers in the coming days. We are now an organization of two and a half years but more than 40 years of production and professional management experience is always behind us. We are happy to leave such an impression in such a short time, to achieve such success and at the same time appeal to a wider audience and we get good feedback on this issue. Well, Mr. Artar, thank you for sharing with us about ART and for informing us about CRM. It was a great pleasure and honor for us. It was a great pleasure and honor for me to have done such an interview with an important publication in our sector. As Spare Parts Magazine, we interviewed Emir ARTAR, ART Board Member, and discovered a general knowledge about CRM management, as well as the advanced CRM management of ART. As a result, ART has removed the question marks in our minds about customer relations, and we are confident that ART has come a long way and will be even better.