By offering ergonomic and technological products that will make people happy, ART-Automotive Reflection Technologies brand products are known in the world about mirror product group and we aim to become a global brand.

Being in contact with automobile manufacturers, providing R & D support and being an OEM automobile component parts manufacturer, and having ART-Automotive Reflection Technologies brand and quality accepted in the main industry and after-sales market in the mirror product group.

To grow its success in the field of car mirrors to other parts of the cars and to ensure the recognition of the ART brand.


The purpose of its existence in the automotive spare parts sector is to sustain its human and environment-sensitive structure and to maximize accessibility.

To increase customer satisfaction by meeting all needs of our consumers in automotive market with quality, accessible products and competitive price policy.

To add value to the global and national economy, to create a global brand.
By closely following the developing automobile technologies, to maximize our technology, product range and quality.

To ensure the continuity and sustainability of ART-Automotive Reflection Technologies brand and to support R & D activities by following the developing technology.

To use our resources effectively and efficiently.

To create benefit and value for all our stakeholders through our activities.

To create awareness about our social responsibility projects and environmental awareness and to contribute to their personal development and awareness by educating our employees for this purpose.