ART's goal of reaching 6500 references!

ART's goal of reaching 6500 references!

We interviewed Mr. Emir Artar, ART Board Member, about the development of ART and got an idea about the new developments.

Hello, Mr. Artar, as ART company, you have started to talk about your name in the automotive sector more recently, what is the reason for this? I think you are investing and you have started to offer new services. And as a company, you've moved into your new building.

Yes, we moved to our new building in Ataşehir Ferhatpaşa, thank you. First of all, I must say that we are in a great effort and endeavor and we work and work almost 7 days a week for a long time. I would like to express my thanks to everyone from here.

What do you call a certain target?

Our goal at the end of 2017 to ensure the supply rearview mirror to all brands and models located in Turkey car park, long meetings and visits abroad working with our partners in this context, we are also making investments in our production facilties. We aim to reach about 6500 references by the end of the year.

What do you say this 6500 reference product is and what did you do about it?

Yes, we have been investigating this situation with our team for about 9 months. In fact, I would say as we are a large R & D have made about this subject almost day and night rearview mirrors that exists in Turkey car track, signals on the rearview mirror defrosters, we're almost investigate all components individually and also we now have set our target stock quantities and priorities and act.

But I understand that you have made a great effort, but I have a question if you do not mind how to keep this situation under control 6500 reference a large number?

Yes, you're right, we were aware from the very beginning that it wasn't easy to control, but we believed and we will. In this context, we have integrated and developed both our accounting and shipping departments with new MIS (Management Information Systems), MRP (Material Management Planning) Systems and warehouse automation with with a more institutional and innovative understanding than conventional methods.

This mentality means that we generally win together, so I can say that our mutual respect with our customers is at a very high level. What are these ?

In order to provide a more controlled and stable order and delivery process for our customers, we have developed a B2B system that has not been so professional in the automotive spare parts sector as well as the products category on our website. Our customers will now be able to login and order from this B2B system with the user name and password we have given them. At the same time, they will be able to find out how long they will have. In this way, our customers will be able to place their orders more regularly and according to time. The aim of this is to better control the full range of products and also to provide more institutional and quality service to our customers. From this system, our customers will also be able to follow their current account movements and be able to follow delivery and order. We also aim to achieve faster and error-free delivery thanks to these investments.

I understand, Mr. Artar, the last thing you want to create is just growing?

No, it's not just growing, we're looking at it like this; ""TOGETHER GO FURTHER, GO BETTER""

So what does that mean?

We want to draw an image of our customers to tell us that we do not have problems in the mirror, we supply everything they want from ART, we do not have problems at all. So if we go into detail, we always want to supply whatever they want, making sure that we'll always be at their doorstep or at the end of the phone if they have any problems. “We want to create an image where all the desires can be realized so that they do not have any question marks and difficulties about mirror supply. In other words, we want to be called ART with the peace of mind when it comes to mirror supply in this sector and have their heads comfortable.”

You are very confident! How about your new building. Where is it? How will you use it? What are its features?

We have realized and moved a project that has been in our minds for a long time. Our new building is located in Ataşehir Farhatpaşa Seyit Nizam Street. In other words, if we say it in the way that our sector would know, we are close to Ataşehir Kayışdağı YEDPA trade center. Our building consists of two stages, we can settle the first stage of the other part of the building after the completion of the construction will still have a total use of approximately 3500 square meters.We will use this building as management and warehouse shipment.

Mr. Artar, you have told us about the developments about ART and I have obviously respected your goals and organization. I believe that you will be successful in this beautiful goal and at the same time, there are such good targets in the automotive spare parts sector and at the same time, you are carrying out these goals with such a global and organizational structure, first of all on behalf of the automotive sector and then on behalf of myself and my country. Is there anything else you want to add?

Thank you. I'm glad to see that our main goals are appreciated by you and forwarded to someone through you. Thank you for this nice interview. We thank you for your nice information. We interviewed Mr. Emir Artar, Board Member of ART, and learned a lot about ART's 2017 goals. We sincerely believe that ART has made great progress in the light of this information and that it will also be successful in line with these objectives.