Emir Artar Interview with Yedek Parça Dergisi (Spare Parts Magazine)

Emir Artar Interview with Yedek Parça Dergisi (Spare Parts Magazine)

Hello Mr. Artar, First of all, we said developments about ART but we could not go deeper and get detailed information. More detailed information about the ART brand and as you said before, do not expand in the product group.

Hello, I want to give you details about our products at first. As we said before, we aim at 6500 references in the rear view mirror product group and let me explain what these are. I want to as we start this 6500 the number of vehicles in reference to determining Turkey and predict the need mirrors that will be requested by the number of these vehicles have made it by working according to their own safety stock quantity is and Umm amount of sales and claimed everything welcome therefrom and service delivery target We learn. We conducted a large statistical research. In this context, as ART, we started to expand our products in Vag group, Japanese group, Fiat Renault Ford group in domestic vehicles and German vehicle groups. In the Vag group, we expanded our Volkswagen product range in the first place, and in the second plan, we are slowly moving towards the Seat, Audi and Skoda product groups. Volkswagen product group in Turkey now account for 80 per cent plan to address the ediyoruz.ikinc rest of the models in the VAG group of products in the car park so a lower level but increase their work was done and we are ready to expand.

If we look at the German car group Mercedes and BMW models we headed to the first model, the more of their total sales in Turkey and will be in stock soon. When we look at the Japanese group, we have Hyundai in the first plan, and Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Isuzu continue to follow. In the vehicle group we address almost 50 percent of the average. Regarding the domestic vehicle group, our main area has been that since the past, we address and supply 95 percent of the model group in Fiat group, 85 percent in the Renault product group and 95 percent in the Ford product group. In order to address all of them, we plan to invest in the production field rather than our overseas business partners. We are making mold interviews with overseas mold manufacturers. Since it is a big investment, we can say that we do this carefully and we work with the right model and the right manufacturer. When we look at this group in general, we made the most development in the Ford product group. As I mentioned to you last time, there is a serious R & D work behind this development. I want to support our valuable customers and companies that will become new customers and encourage them to work with us. If you are curious about our company; I want to talk about our company by going to the details in general. Art company is both a manufacturer and a company engaged in trade at the same time.ART rear view mirror, door handle and bumper product groups within the supply and supply to customers. We have two brands that belong to our company: ART ""Automotive Reflection Technologies"" in the rear view mirror product group and ART ""Repair Automotive Repairment and Traetment"" in the product groups which are in other automobile parts. The trademark registrations and box packaging registrations of these two brands are registered all over the world by Turkish Patent Institute and WIPO Intel World Intellectual Property Organization ve and all rights belong to our company as ART. It also means ART on the whole world. Brand name can not be used by any company or person and without us without us a similar packaging can not be used. Our goal in making our them with a global vision, become a global brand in the future and creating a global value to Turkey, and to contribute to our country. This purpose already excited us and at the same time gives us pride. I give everyone the guarantee that we will work hard for this purpose.

Well, Mr. Emir, I think your speech, your answers have enlightened us enough, we thank you.

I thank you.