ART Automotive Chairman Bekir Artar

ART Automotive Chairman Bekir Artar

We had a pleasant interview with Mr. Bekir Artar, Chairman of ART Automotive Component. In this way, we learned about Bekir Artar and ART's works since its foundation and his story. We would like to thank Bekir Artar for conveying himself to us with all clarity.

Hello Mr. Artar, We want to get to know you first. Because as far as we know you, your education and business life have shown many differences so far and we want to know how this past was formed.

Hi, first of all, when I look at my life adventure, maybe it is unusual for many people, maybe some of them can be considered normal, but I can say that I have been through a lot of difficulties for myself. I was born in Bartın in 1960. I am married and have one child. I completed my primary and secondary education in Bartın, then I went to İstanbul Şişli Motor Vocational High School for my high school education thanks to our family relatives. While I was studying in Istanbul, I suffered many financial difficulties but I never stopped working. After high school graduation, I entered the university entrance exams and entered Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Business with high honor degree. Although my university life was so difficult because of my lack of infrastructure in high school, I graduated from university in 1987. Afterwards, I chose to become a professional in my business life, but even if there were better opportunities for me, I started to work as a Budget and Investments Specialist at Nasaş Aluminum Iron and Steel Company, which was the biggest company of that time, after working there for 2 years, I worked as Elginkan Holding Heat Group Budget Finance Manager and I was transferred to Emas Board of Directors. After working there for 5 years, I became CFO again in a German company. In my next assignment, I switched to another sector and started to work in a cosmetic company of 30-40 people, which was then in a medium-sized and financially difficult situation. The process here was the one that pushed me the most and made the most effort in my life. In this company, I became CEO, CFO, Board Member. The company that I have managed from 2002 to 2013, and it continues to grow, the number of employees increased from 50 to 1300 people, it was a foreign cosmetic company. That's when ART started to emerge.

So how did you decide Mr. Artar, how to establish ART and to move to a different sector?

After the sale of the company, I soon realized that retirement was definitely not for me. Then I started working and founded ART. First of all, my son Emir was interested in all aspects of branding, corporate identity, registration and patent, and I was interested in financial, finished goods, production and other infrastructure works and our company was established.

What do you aim for the future of ART?

ART is both a manufacturer and a trading company, and our goal here is to establish a rear-view mirror supply chain that does not exist in the world. We will always increase our production and product range in this company and we will always increase the product range under ART brand, after this period we aim to provide the transition from rear view mirror and door handle to other parts. We plan to provide a service that does not exist in the world and become a world brand. Most importantly for our country, we want to add value to a global Turkey.

How do you assess the current status of Art?

ART is a new brand in the market and a brand that is constantly developing. The ART brand has gradually begun to build loyalty ties with our customers and end consumers, which makes us very happy. But we still have customers who think that we are in the old structure and who do not know us fully and cannot keep up with our product range, but I think that this situation will gradually be overcome by mutual information exchange.

As you understand from your past experiences, you have an entrepreneurial structure, what is entrepreneurship and what do you think about it?

The word entrepreneurship has become very popular in the last decade. First of all, you need to be aware that making an initiative means creating something, creating added value and being successful, but making a venture that is different from that doesn't mean making more money, so some of these misconceptions can occur and fail with this goal. There is always a lot of risk when doing a job, an entrepreneur is the person who can take that risk and take responsibility. Just to describe the initiative, what we said was to create something, that is, to implement an idea. But it is important to realize the idea, one should always be dynamic in his work and start working immediately. I always say to those around me that if you want to achieve something, you will want to believe, you will work, and then you will succeed. ’Orsan If you don't want to do something, you won't work and you can't do that, my opinion is. That is why I advise young entrepreneurs to always be determined to carry out their work, the ideas they have in mind, and to do the three actions I have mentioned above. When I look at my own life, I've been a hard working person all my life; I've never given up since I was little, because I've always had goals. Since I have goals in every job I do, I have achieved everything in a determined structure by working hard, I have never trusted anyone else, I can be successful because I trust my intelligence, not working, my work ethic and honesty, and maybe I can be defined as an entrepreneur. (of course, too early)

What are your occupations in your life outside of work?

I'm dealing with right now a lot of time diving out of business virtually anywhere in Turkey and also I made my diving in several leading dive destination in the world. I'm an Advance PADI dive athlete. I love skiing in winter as a sport. I usually go to nearby ski resorts on weekends or try to make a winter holiday. Also; I have a passion for motorcycles, I am a Harley Davidson Rocker C user, a vehicle I enjoy very much. Apart from these, I have tried different things that cannot be counted as sports. I also have a special interest in guns and rifles, I have a collection of guns and rifles, my favorite hand-engraved rifles are my favorites and I usually try to add these types of rifles to my collection. I'm good with books. I certainly read economy magazines on weekends, and in my spare time I prefer to read books rather than television or other activities. Because it isolates me a little bit from work and puts me in a different structure and makes me feel comfortable.

Thank you Mr. Artar. for this pleasant conversation with your sincere answers. We would like to state that we are happy to pass on such an experience to our readers and followers.

Chairman of ART