Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

"What is brand loyalty? What is the situation in the automotive sector? Creating Brand Loyalty and Connecting with the Customer…


The meaning of the word loyalty is expressed as strong strong friendship.


Brand loyalty can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but in general, it can be defined as the emotional bond that the consumer establishes with the brand. It is the faithful purchase of the products and services provided by a brand and ensuring continuity with good reputation and satisfaction. What this means is not only that the customer chooses a particular brand in the future but also in the future. The most important part of this continuity is that the customer consciously continues this behavior. The most important factors in brand loyalty, which is a psychological situation and depends on customer psychology; The reputation of the brand is that the brand meets the expectations, satisfies, provides confidence in the brand and the quality is approved by the circles. These factors are factors that affect brand loyalty, but as we have just said, this psychological situation is perceived by customers as creating brand loyalty. The customer should always believe that there is no doubt about the product he / she buys, that he / she is sure that the support and service he / she expects from the brand will always come and that he / she is always capable of meeting all he / she wants. If you provide these factors and never let your customer down in terms of both performance and service, you have started to build brand loyalty and you need to strengthen this emotional bond by supporting this situation and work harder.


When we look at automotive, there are many different brands and options. Many people have a sympathy and commitment to car brands in general. These situations are often shaped by past experiences and good comments from around them, and also effective, design and practical. People who shape their choices accordingly can stay satisfied and establish their loyalty to that brand and model, some may regret it and lose faith in that brand, and unfortunately it may be the reason I don't choose it again.


Since there are many different users and a supply chain in the automotive sector, it is more accurate to divide this situation into different segments and evaluate it accordingly. In this context, it is more accurate to evaluate brand loyalty from the lowest segment to the top as end-user, automotive services, repairers, spare parts retailers and wholesalers. In general, brand loyalty in the automotive parts industry is not very common, because it is a situation that the end consumer generally does not know much and does not experience, but it is still present in all circumstances. When we look at end user loyalty as an example, the biggest brand loyalty in automotive parts sector is seen in vehicle tire brands. In this case, in general, for customers, performance satisfaction, durability, trust has been formed as a brand. While this loyalty is only valid for a few products in end-user customers, service personnel are among the automotive repairers, who make it easier, do not cause any other problems and solve the problem, that is, to keep the satisfaction level at the top. When we look at another segment, this situation is shaped according to the returns from the automotive services and repairers and the price. We can also call it price performance efficiency. When we look at the level of wholesalers in the upper segment, there is a situation where the original world brands that must be sold and their counterparts have the lowest price in terms of their equivalent prices. This fact proves that loyalty is competitive. There is always a logic of commercial thinking about price. The competitive price policy also turns out to be an important factor in building brand loyalty. This is a very delicate situation, it is very important to achieve price and quality balance. So it's more difficult to build brand loyalty at this level. Brand loyalty is a value that almost every brand wants to achieve. In the hands of everyone, achieving this in automotive is a bit more difficult but impossible. ART Board Member who prepared this beautiful article which is important for our sector. We thank Emir ARTAR.

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