ART is advancing confidently towards becoming a global brand in Rearview Mirror Product Group.

ART is advancing confidently towards becoming a global brand in Rearview Mirror Product Group.

"ART COO's Emir Artar made a review of the company's 2019 plans and global targets in the May issue of Spare Parts Magazine.

How did you spend 2018 as a sector and as a company? What is your 2019 forecast for the sector?

Emir Artar: Since ART Automotive Components is a newly established and always developing company, 2018 has been fruitful for us, but it is more accurate to say that some economic and political problems have slowed these developments to a certain extent. will continue as innovative business, management models and business development. In addition to our turnover growth, we believe that we will achieve growth by increasing diversity in terms of numbers. In terms of the automotive aftermarket sector, I think 2019 is a year that needs to be handled more carefully, carefully and saved.

Could you briefly tell us the story of the establishment and the size and market position it came from today?

Emir Artar: ART Automotive Components A.Ş. Established in August 2014, it is one of the very few companies in the world to combine the previously unused rear view mirror product under one roof. At the moment the market a vast range of clients in Turkey ART (Automotive Reflection Technologies) serves the brand. ART's aim is to realize that it is not a big globalizing brand in rearview mirror in the world and for this purpose, ART (Automotive Reflection Technologies) is to become a global brand in the automotive sector.

In which areas do you differ from your competitors? What makes you different?

Emir Artar: Rearview mirror is a very specific product group for the automotive sector. In addition, the production process is a difficult and demanding product, so it is not something everyone can do to achieve this product range with a wide variety. ART is the only company in the world that brings this product group together under a single roof with the widest variety and provides the fastest supply to its customers. These value propositions make the ART brand stand out from its competitors.

What were the most important investments you have made recently? How did they affect your growth?

Orders Ardor: We are a company who cares digitalisation equity and technology, thus became our investment with cloud ERP is a global software brand in the ERP system and we create a success story in the moment to cloud ERP for the first time in Turkey. We created business intelligence in the light of financial and scientific information, thus strengthening our management power and we are trying to bring the management system to the most autonomous and corporate world standards. This investment has increased the acceleration and control of some of our business processes. In this way, we control our growth by making better decisions and better decisions in each step.

What are the services, products and technologies you have been focusing on recently, and how do these services and products create value for the sector?

Emir Artar: In the coming period, we aim to establish a fully integrated system with the contribution of digitalization and establish a ""just in time"" supply chain. In this way, we aim to keep customer satisfaction, service speed and quality at the highest level and inventory costs at the lowest level. On the other hand, our product range, which is expanding day by day, provides innovations for the automotive sector and offers great value for our customers in terms of availability.

What areas will you focus on as you grow in the coming period?

Emir Artar: ART is a 4-year-old company that provides services in a specific product range. We want to take a step towards becoming a global brand by taking this difference and our value proposition abroad. We do the necessary work and try to strengthen our business model. We will focus on this issue.

What are the main agenda items of your 2019 agenda?

Emir Artar: We have works to do in 2019 and we are making efforts to improve ourselves and add value every day. These titles are briefly; Digitization Product range Product, service quality Globalization Customer Service Human resources

What are your export and growth goals?

Emir Artar: I think the above question is the answer.

What are your goals, plans and investment plans for the new period?

Emir Artar: We have investment plans for R & D and production development. We argue that increasing production will make a significant contribution to our brand

What kind of road map do you have for the next 5 years?

Emir Artar: We will do everything to make ART (Automotive Reflection Technologies) a global brand and create value for our country. For this purpose, we continue our activities with a wide world vision every day. We strive to develop projects that will bring us positive results with the right human resources, where necessary, in the right locations."