Yedek Parça Dergisi (Spare Parts Magazine) Interview

Yedek Parça Dergisi (Spare Parts Magazine) Interview

We had a short interview with Business Development Manager of ART Automotive Ersan YALÇIN and Sales Manager of ART İbrahim KENDİGELEN about their company. As Spare Parts Magazine, We thank Mr. YALÇIN and Mr. KENDİGELEN for their sincere answers.

Mr. Yalçın could you give us information about the fields of activity of your company?

With our own brand ’ART (Automotive Reflection Technologies)’ we produce Exterior Rearview Mirrors, Interior Rearview Mirrors, Door Handles and Door Armrests.

What are your plans and goals for the future?

To expand our product line and we are working with our international partners to address a wider range of products at turkish market. We will expand our product range and Door Handle product group in 2017 and we will serve our business partners in a wider range of products in Mirror and Door Handles. We will keep our customers' satisfaction at the highest level in terms of product diversity, quality and service by expanding our product groups towards other automobile components in the following processes.

Can you talk about customer satisfaction and quality policy in this context?

Customer satisfaction has always been our first priority. What makes the brand a brand is the trust in the brand. A sense of trust nurtures customer satisfaction. That is why our first priority as ART AUTOMOTIVE has always been customer satisfaction. As a supplier of OEM and OES, ART Automotive Inc. is able to supply all of the products under the brand ’ART (Automotive Reflection Technologies) tav kal without compromising quality and service tamamı.

İbrahim Bey Could you tell us about your sales and marketing organization of ART Cars?

Art Automotive Inc. Turkey by coordinating the distribution and sales of products in each region with 25 main distributors of replacement parts sector, it is necessary to concentrate on marketing and advertising efforts to deliver their products every point.

What activities do you do to increase brand awareness?

In order to increase our brand awareness, we provide advertisements and promotional activities in important magazines of the sector in order to increase the awareness of our brand among consumers. In addition, we use the data we have to make a promotion to the Retailers and Services. We announce our new product launches and campaigns to the whole sector through mass mailings. In 2017, we will organize regional meetings by allocating more budgets and time to our marketing and advertising efforts, and we will be in contact with the smallest companies selling our products and we will carry our service quality to the highest levels. As ART Automotive Inc. we switched to ’’ e-invoices,, all invoices are automatically recorded in our dealers' accounting system and stored in E-Archive. These studies add value to our corporate identity as a company.

Finally, can you give information about your company's position in the sector?

As a company, we are aware of our position in the sector and we will continue to have a say in the product groups of Rear View Mirrors and Door Handles that we are specialized with all our staff, expert staff and in order to fulfill the requirements of this position.